Women who read know more

This selection of recommended books is based on personal reading experience.

Stern: Diary of a Baby What a Child Sees, Hears and Experiences
Publisher Basic Books, ISBN: 978-0465016402
A profound piece of work from one of the leading infant psychiatrists of our time.

Dowling: The Cinderalla Complex
Women's Hidden Fear of Independence
Publisher Fontana Press, paperback ISBN: 978-0006364818
This classic from the 1980's is still a pleasure to read today and full of fascinating insight.

Barbach: For Yourself.
The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality
Publisher Signet Book, paperback, ISBN: 978-0451202000
This is still the most excellent source of advice for women whose favourite source of frustration is the orgasm.

Fishel: Still doing it.
The Intimate Lives of Women over Sixty
Publisher: Avery, ISBN-13: 978-1583333204
This book about love lives and relationships is based on extensive interviews.